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Commercial Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide In Cyprus


As the warmer seasons embrace Cyprus, there arises the chance for individuals to dine, unwind, imbibe, and engage in social activities outdoors. If you manage a hospitality establishment, educational institution, or any public facility in Cyprus, chances are your outdoor furniture experiences significant utilization during the summer. But, could it be the moment for an upgrade? If the answer is yes, delve into Procuremeno's commercial outdoor furniture buying guide now.

What is commercial outdoor furniture? 

You may wonder about commercial outdoor furniture, especially in Cyprus.

Commercial outdoor furniture is specifically crafted for use in commercial and public spaces, including those in Cyprus.

Engineered to withstand high-traffic areas, this furniture is designed to endure daily use by hundreds of individuals, particularly in bustling locations like those in Cyprus.

Utilizing robust materials, commercial outdoor furniture in Cyprus is stronger and more resilient than domestic counterparts found in supermarkets and garden centers.

For Cyprus proprietors seeking new outdoor furniture, investing in commercial-grade quality is advisable.

While it may be tempting to purchase from local stores in Cyprus, such items tend to degrade quickly under intense, repeated use, proving to be a false economy for businesses in Cyprus!

Will your commercial furniture be utilized outdoors periodically or throughout the entire year?

Before we proceed, consider this: will your furniture be outdoors all year round, or just occasionally?

This is an important consideration because some furniture is designed for continuous outdoor use, while others are more suitable for occasional placement outdoors.

For example, outdoor laminate tables and benches are crafted for permanent outdoor use, making them ideal for settings like picnic areas or outdoor lunch spots near offices.

On the other hand, items like lightweight folding tables are better suited for occasional outdoor use, such as sports events or community gatherings. However, extended exposure to the elements may affect their durability.

Furniture intended for year-round outdoor use often features special coatings, providing enhanced weather resistance.

Therefore, before selecting commercial outdoor furniture for your business or premises, it's crucial to determine how often it will be placed outdoors.


Where is commercial outdoor furniture used?

Commercial outdoor furniture is used in a broad range of different contexts such as: 

  • Cafes and restaurants.

  • Pub beer gardens.

  • Schools and playgrounds.

  • Universities and other higher education settings.

  • Parks.

  • At hospitality and events venues. 

  • Community centres.

  • Church gardens and cemeteries. 

  • Outside of offices, factories and other workplaces.

That list is by no means comprehensive. Basically, you’ll find commercial outdoor furniture in use in any location that is used by the public.

How to Choose the Finest Commercial Outdoor Furniture

Now that we've clarified the concept of 'commercial outdoor furniture,' let's explore the essential factors to consider when procuring furniture for your property, business, or venue.


he primary consideration is the intended use of your commercial outdoor furniture.

Many pieces of commercial outdoor furniture are tailored for specific purposes; for instance, there exists a diverse array of outdoor furniture specifically designed for use in cafes and restaurants.

For hospitality establishments, the predominant outdoor furniture pieces will likely include tables, chairs, parasols, and related items.

Similarly, a more general public facility such as a community center or library will require furniture like picnic tables and benches.

These specific use cases will also impact various other aspects, including ergonomics, maintenance, portability, and more, which we'll delve into later in this discussion.


Location and climate

When choosing outdoor furniture in Cyprus, consider its placement carefully. If your chosen spot receives ample sunlight, opt for UV-resistant furniture to prevent color fading over time. Dark colors should be avoided in sun-exposed areas as they're more prone to fading.

Additionally, if your furniture will be exposed to rain, ensure it has slots or holes to facilitate quick drainage. Without proper drainage, chairs can take a long time to dry, inconveniencing your staff who may need to dry them after every shower.

Space constraints are also crucial. Measure your outdoor area, considering recommendations like those in the Metric Handbook for dining spaces. Overcrowding can create discomfort and safety hazards, so select furniture that fits well within your available space.


Consider the surface where you'll position your outdoor furniture in Cyprus. Stability matters, as wobbly tables can be frustrating for diners.

Though adjustable-leg tables are an option, it's easier to place furniture on a flat, level surface for stability and convenience.

Fixed or not?

Consider whether you prefer your outdoor furniture to be fixed in place, which is often practical for public areas in Cyprus.

Securing furniture prevents theft and maintains a set layout, particularly beneficial for playgrounds or parks where space and pathways need to be preserved.

If opting for fixed furniture, look for items with dedicated fixing points, typically seen as 'tabs' with pre-drilled holes at the base of the legs. Installation involves using bolts through these tabs into the ground for stability.



This is an especially important point if you’re running a hospitality venue such as a cafe.

You want your diners to be able to eat outside in comfort, so pay attention to the ergonomics of your chosen furniture. 

And when we say ergonomics, we don’t necessarily mean padded or upholstered furniture. There’s a misconception amongst many people that comfort equals padding or upholstery. This isn’t necessarily the case!

You’ll often find that an ergonomically designed poly, metal or wooden outdoor chair is far more comfortable than a chair which features plenty of padding. This is because an ergonomically designed piece of furniture is designed to conform to the shapes of your body, thus eliminating pressure points and sources of discomfort. 


For establishments such as restaurants and cafes, the mobility of outdoor furniture is a crucial factor.

Unlike public buildings like community centers or schools, where benches and picnic tables can remain outdoors year-round, many cafes require the ability to bring in seating and tables at day's end.

Consider the portability of your chosen outdoor furniture. Opt for pieces that are lightweight and, ideally, foldable or stackable, especially if storage space is limited within your establishment, which is often already occupied by indoor furniture.



Determining your budget for commercial outdoor furniture is essential.

Your budget will influence various purchasing factors discussed in this guide. Consider how frequently you'll use the outdoor furniture in relation to your budget.

For items intended for year-round outdoor use, such as picnic tables and benches, investing more upfront ensures durability over the years. Conversely, for occasional outdoor use, like in a small summer café, consider more budget-friendly options like poly chairs and tilt-top pedestal tables.

Color, Pattern, and Finish

Don't underestimate the aesthetic appeal of commercial outdoor furniture. Today's offerings come in a wide array of colors, patterns, and finishes.

You'll find commercial furniture options that perfectly match your establishment's decor, whether it's a café with a distinct color scheme or a school looking for benches in specific colors.

With such variety, you can easily find outdoor furniture that meets your requirements and complements your establishment's style and branding.

We hope this guide has been helpful in navigating the selection process for outdoor furniture in commercial spaces. Whether you're outfitting a café, restaurant, school, or any other establishment, making the right choice in outdoor furniture is crucial for both functionality and aesthetics. If you find yourself in need of further assistance or guidance in determining the best furniture options for your establishment, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Contact us to schedule a meeting, and our team will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect outdoor furniture solutions tailored to your specific needs and preferences.


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